Gavin Ware on his way to Gravelines-Dunkerque

Gavin Ware (206 cm, PF) moves to France to play for Gravelines-Dunkerque in the French ProA. Ware, 27 years old, played last season for Kumamoto in the Japanese B2 League. He averaged 18.9 ppg and 12.2 rebounds.

Gavin Ware is no stranger to the French basketball fan as he played in the ProA before. During the 18/19 season, Ware averaged 12.4 ppg and 4.8 rebounds for Dijon. The season before that, he collected 12.2 ppg and 6.7 rebounds for Paris-Levallois. Ware also played a season in Belgium.

Gavin Ware joins a 1-4 Gravelines team that sits currently at 14th place in the ProA standings.

Selden played college ball for Mississippi State, where he finished his senior year with 15.4 ppg and 7.8 rebounds.

Gavin Ware

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