Top Five Point Guards in NBA History

With the official start of the NBA season less than two weeks away, there are a lot of interesting storylines to pay attention to. One of those is whether or not LeBron James will pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the leagues all-time scoring list.

While most fans know that “King James” could overtake “Cap” to garner full control of the number one spot in career points, many are not aware that he is also within striking distance of surpassing Magic Johnson on the all-time assists list. This revelation led me to ponder an interesting question. With LeBron potentially surpassing the greatest center in NBA history for total points, while also potentially surpassing the greatest point guard in NBA history for total assists, who are the best players to ever play those positions?

Naturally, this was a worm-hole that led me to ponder the same question about all five positions on the court. Thus, I have decided to collect my thoughts and present them as a series. Each article in the series will focus on one position, breaking down the five greatest players to play that position and giving a summary as to why I chose to place them there.

Today’s article will focus on the point guard position. While conversations like these will always spark a debate, it is important to note that respectful disagreements are part of what makes sports fandom so much fun! Without further ado, here’s the list!

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