Top Five Point Guards in NBA History

Best Point Guards in NBA History: Number 4

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors (2009 – Present)

The naysayers and detractors were once constantly screaming at the top of their lungs that Stephen Curry had never won the NBA Finals MVP Award, and therefore did not deserve top billing alongside the other elite players of his generation. This past June, Curry put those insults to rest forever. With a masterful six-game series against the Boston Celtics, that included a classic Game Four performance, Curry stepped into the history books and cemented his place among the legends of the game.

As the history of basketball is updated annually, Curry’s influence on the game only seems to expand. When he entered the league, he was seen as a shooting guard trying to play point guard due to a lack of height. However, the scoring prowess he displayed collegiately while playing for Davidson, only temporarily masked his incredible ball handling and passing skills. Once he got to the NBA, he dazzled fans with ankle breaking crossovers and no-look dimes.

His biggest impact on the game, however, has been his ability to consistently knock down 3-pointers from several feet behind the 3-point line, and to do so off-the-dribble. While players like Dan Marjerle and Gilbert Arenas were knocking down deep 3-pointers in the ’90s and 2000s, neither man was able to do it with the regularity, defensive intensity, and flair that Curry has been able to display.

At 34-years-old, with four NBA championships on his resume, Curry is showing no signs of slowing down. Regardless of what he does for the rest of his career, there is no question that his next stop after basketball is a red carpet walk into the Hall of Fame.

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