Red Star Director Covic

Red Star hits back at Superleague

Red Star Director Covic
Red Star Belgrade Director Nebojsa Covic has countered the Serbian Superleague after its claims that the club and four others owe money to the league. Covic’s version of events differs from the league, with Red Star viewing the potential fines and game forfeits against his club as void. The Serbian Superleague spearheaded by Director Predrag Bojic yesterday told five clubs within the league to pay owed monies by May 22nd or risk having their week 11 results forfeited in favour of the opposing team.

The league is claiming that the clubs, Sloboda Uzice, Metalac Valjevo, Red Star Belgrade, Vojvodina Novi Sad and Partizan Belgrade all owe money stretching throughout the season. Red Star has said before that it does not recognize the fee and will not pay, which has led to a standoff between the league and the club. Red Star Belgrade Director Covic said:

“As for Red Star, it is claimed we owe 474,800 dinars. The club does not dispute 73,600 dinars, which Red Star Belgrade will pay. 401,200 dinar is disputed by the club, and we cannot pay because I do not want to and because we do not have the adequate documentation on which we can process the payment. We do not recognize the courts,” Covic said.

The Director of Red Star Belgrade also said that the club is actually owed money by the league.

“The league owes the club 409,500 dinars. The league knows about this; however I think this accusation by the league is in bad faith and to hide other things. The statement was malicious, and it shows that the clubs in the league are owed by the Director (Predrag Bojic) and by the League Office, not the other way around.

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