Puerto Rico draft is completed

Puerto Rico
The draft lottery for the Puerto Rico BSN was held yesterday, and Renaldo Balkman (201 cm, South Carolina’06) was the first player selected. The experienced former NBA forward will now head to Brujos de Guayama. Other BSN franchises added to their rosters with foreign and home-grown players, while many of the early round drafts were rookies. The round picks went as follows.

First round

1. Renaldo Balkman to Guayama: Between 2006 and 2008 Balkman played 133 times for the New York Knicks. He was traded to the Denver Nuggets in 2008; he played 74 games with Denver leading to 2011. He returned to the Knicks for the 2011-2012 season and posted 3.0ppg and 1.9rpg in his 14 games. A very impressive basketball resume indeed.
2. Jorge Brian Diaz (210 cm) to Quebradillas
3. Mike Rosario (190 cm, Florida’13) to Ponce
4. Angel Garcia (209 cm) to Quebradillas
5. Kevin Young (203 cm, Kansas’13) to Guayama
6. Carlos Emory (196 cm, Oregon’13) to Ponce
7. David Imes (201 cm, Hofstra’13) to Bayamon
8. Jio Fontan (183cm, University of Southern California’13) to San German
9. Chris Gaston (201 cm, Forham’13) to Ponce
10. Issac Sosa Carrion (190 cm) to Mayaguez

Second round

1. Dereck Beltran (193 cm, Southern’13) to Guayama
2. Carlos Valdez (201 cm) to Guaynabo
3. Victor Liz (188 cm) to San German
4. Tyler Polo (201 cm, Los Angeles’09) to Santruce
5. Joel Gierbolini (203 cm, University of South Carolina Aiken’12) to Ponce
6. Kevin Terry (185 cm) to Bayamon
7. Nate Butler Lind (198 cm, Texan Christian University’13) to Quebradillas
8. William Pacheco to Arecibo
9. Anthony Nieves (193 cm, Alcorn’ 13) to Mayaguez

Third round

1. Christian Pellot (205 cm, Southwest Baptist’12) to Guayama
2. Gaby Belardo (188 cm) to Guaynabo
3. Jeff Early (185 cm, Southern Illionios University’13) to San German
4. Miguel Bocachica (195 cm, Great Falls’12) to Santruce
5. Jazreel de Jesus (186 cm) to Ponce
6. Jesus Franco to Bayamon
7. Alfredo Lamela to Quebradillas
8. Angel Desiderio to Arecibo
9. Benito Santiago Jr. to Mayaguez

Fourth round

During the fourth round, Guaynabo, Ponce, Quebradillas, Arecibo, and Mayaguez passed their picks.

1. Jose Glen Rodriguez to Guayama
2. Pass Guaynabo
3. Kevin Berrios to San German
4. Matt Addison (172 cm, Hardin-Simmons’12) to Santruce
5. Pass Ponce
6. Bobby Edmunds (180 cm, Widener’10)
7. Pass Quebradillas
8. Pass Arceibo
9. Pass Mayaguez

Fifth, sixth and seventh rounds

During the final three rounds, only 5 players were picked up. Santruce nabbed Angel Gonzalez in the fifth, while Bayamon picked up Kawika Smith (192 cm). In round six Santruce was in action again this time drafting Javier Ayuso. Round 7 Santruce again took a pick, bringing in Angel Acevedo while Bayamon picked Carlos J. Perez.

A trade occurred after the draft with Bayamon trading with Quebradillas for their 1st round draft pick Angel Garcia. In return, Quebradillas took forward Carmelo Lee (201 cm, Long Beach State’00) and Nathan Peavey in the other direction.

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  1. Tin on February 1, 2013 at 11:12

    Little pretentious for PR to hold a draft..
    Besides the NBA, the DLeague, Korea, China (?), can anyone enlighten me as to what other leagues have a draft?

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