Osvaldo Jeanty signing with MBC

Osvaldo JeantyOsvaldo Jeanty (183 cm, Carleton’07) is heading to Germany and will sign with Bundesliga team Mitteldeutscher BC. He would be the replacement for Shaurad Curry. Osvaldo Jeanty has dual citizenship, Canada/Haiti/ and is currently playing for the London Lightning in NBL Canda. He averages 4.5 ppg. Osvaldo Jeanty is very well known in Germany. Since he signed his first professional contract in 2007/2008 he has played his entire career in Germany (Giants Noerdlingen, LTi Giessen 46ers, BBC Bayreuth) with the exception of the 2009/2010 season. Then he also started in Germany, but quickly moved to Romania where he played for CS Gaz Metan Medias.

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