Marko Tomas Fined and Suspended

Marko Tomas
Marko Tomas, who plays for Cedevita Zagreb and the Croatian national team, has received a suspension and fine for the part he played in the ugly scenes that marred the end of the Croatian cup final last week. Cedevita Zagreb lost 76-77 with Cibona Zagreb claiming a last second score to grab victory from the jaws of defeat.

Cedevita’s loss was an upset when we consider that the team is among the richest in not just Croatian Basketball, but the entire Adriatic League. On the other hand Cibona has struggled financially and were not fancied for the contest with their rivals.

The loss was too much for Marko Tomas; after trading verbal insults with Cibona fans all night he snapped at the buzzer and entered the stand to attack a fan. What followed resulted in chaos, confusion, and a fan in the emergency room.

Tomas’ team Cedevita has also been fined for the way it handled the aftermath of the game. Cedevita (players or representatives) refused to turn up to the press conference, did not come out for the presentation ceremony, while the statements of Matej Mamic also stoked the fire. The team will now pay up a total of 36,000 Kunas, 20,000 for not attending the presentation, 6,000 for the press conference, and 10,000 for Mamic’s words.

Marko Tomas as the instigator will pick up a 20,000 Kuna fine; although it is thought that his team Cedevita will pay the money. The Croatian international will also sit out four matches, although his ban means he will only miss Croatian league games and will be eligible for the Adriatic League. There are some who are surprised by the leniency of the ban, with the general thought being that the Croatian Basketball Federation would hand down either a 10 game ban or make the player sit out the season.

The fan involved in the Marko Tomas attack has said he will sue the Croatian Basketball Federation, and he also insists that he was not dishing out insults and that it was his fellow fans around him.

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