Jonathan Jeanne diagnosed with Marfan syndrome

Jonathan Jeanne

Jonathan Jeanne, the French center who has been generating NBA Draft buzz this season, has been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome. The diagnosis has the potential to end his Basketball career. The center underwent an MRI at the NBA Draft Combine last month and received the results on Thursday.

Marfan Syndrome is a genetic disorder, causing a gene mutation which results in problems with the body’s connective tissue. It can affect various parts of the body and its severity changes depending on the patient. One crucial point about Marfan syndrome is that it normally affects tall people with long limbs.

Baylor start Isaiah Austin missed the First Round NBA Draft and lost his potential as an NBA player after being diagnosed with the disease. While Austin’s career went on (he is currently in the Serbian top flight), he did not reach the heights expected of him.

Jeanne has been considered a mid-to-late first round pick this season, but that now looks unlikely. The 19-year old will now be unable to play in the NBA workouts and will not be cleared in time for the draft.

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