John Calipari: all Kentucky players for NBA Draft

John Calipari
UK wins 82-61

Kentucky head Basketball coach John Calipari has revealed that the entire roster of the Wildcats will be declaring for the NBA Draft, taking advantage of a new rule that changes the way in which NCAA players can test the NBA waters.

Using Twitter as his platform, the tactician said all of his players will be urged to push for the NBA this year, taking advantage of a changing to NCAA rules. The new rule in question allows players to try the NBA draft without having to forfeit their college Basketball careers, allowing players to make a decision 10 days after the close of the NBA’s scouting combine.

This is an important change because it means players are not forced into a decision where they must drop out of the draft early or risk losing their NCAA position. Previously players would only lose their college position if they hired an agent during the draft process for the NBA, but it was more nuanced than that because players typically had to re-commit to the college game before the scouting combine.

John Calipari is now pushing for his entire team to push for combine invitations. Of course, not all the Kentucky roster will get them, but the point has been made, because of the new rules there is nothing to lose for a player who at least tests the NBA waters.

Calipari is not protesting either, he is a huge advocate for college players going full steam ahead to the NBA, and has often employed a one year turnaround approach at Kentucky. Many of his talented players are brought in for one season before going for the NBA without ever finishing their degrees. It is a controversial approach that has received plenty of criticism, but now all NCAA players have the door to the NBA open.

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