100000 price pool

Introducing Fantasy NBA on FanTeam – €100,000 prize pool

FanTeam, Europe’s Largest DFS operator, is proud to announce the Fantasy NBA season 21/22 tournament, with a guaranteed prize pool of €100,000 and €20,000 to first place!

Registration is open now and until 1:30 CET on October 20th. Manage your dream team throughout the whole NBA regular season and cheer on your players for those 3-pointers, assists, and rebounds!

100000 price pool

What is Fantasy NBA?

Fantasy sports games are becoming more popular every year. For those who don’t know, NBA fantasy is where you compile a virtual team of real NBA players. You earn points based on real-life statistics that are converted into fantasy points. You then compete against other users and their team. The aim is to pick players who will score the most points and beat off the challenge of other users.

Buy-in and entries

Entry to this contest costs €25. Increase your chances of winning by making up to 20 entries.


You will have a budget of 110M to select nine players: 2 Point Guards, 2 Shooting Guards, 2 Small Forwards, 2 Power Forwards, and 1 Center. You can have up to two players from the same team.

Standard scoring rules

The game will use standard basketball scoring rules. See attached image for details.

scoring system

Number of free transfers

Participants will receive one transfer per gameweek (usually lasts a day), and it is possible to save one transfer, so you have a maximum of 2 transfers for a gameweek. There will be no wildcards available.

Player prices adjustments

Price changes will happen on the first Thursday of the month. Price changes will be based on expected performance in the upcoming 30 days.

Deadline for changes to your team

Changes can be made all the way up to the start of the first match of each gameweek.

Join now and demonstrate your fantasy NBA skills

So, which stars will you select? (Doncic 19.0M, Curry 18.5M, Embiid 17.0M, Durant 16.5M). Which rookie will be the value pick? (C. Cunningham 9.0M, J.Green 8.5M). Draft your teams now!

FanTeam will also host daily / weekly NBA fantasy tournaments throughout the regular season, so there is plenty to get involved in and keep the excitement going during the NBA regular season!

Join the FanTeam Discord to chat NBA with like-minded managers. Best of luck for the upcoming season, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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