Golden State record streak snapped

Golden State record streak snapped
As the old adage goes, all good things must come to an end. And so it proved for the Golden State Warriors as the greatest opening streak in NBA history was rudely snapped on Saturday. The (until now) unblemished Warriors were undone by a spirited Milwaukee Bucks, with the hosts running out 108-95 winners.

The record opening to the campaign has eclipsed everything else for the Warriros as the franchise won 24 consecutive games, breaking the NBA record as well as the record for all major professional sports in the United States. With the record came fame and pressure, it is what everybody wanted to talk about. Perhaps now with a 24-1 record the roster may actually be revealed and in a sense the season starts right here.

During the game the Warriors looked shaky in defence as the defending NBA champions slipped in cold Milwaukee to a Bucks team in scoring form. Not that the Warriors did not want to win, but if anything this loss is good for the NBA as it shows that no franchise is quite invincible, even if Golden State tried to prove otherwise during the opening 24 games of the campaign.

Golden State interim coach Luke Walton said:

‘They’ve been incredible all year. Losses are going to come. We didn’t have it tonight. That’s why is so hard to do what these guys have done so far. Tonight it caught up to us. We didn’t have our shots falling, we were a little slow on our defensive rotations, and that happens. It takes nothing away from what they did to start the season. ‘Losing sucks. Even if you’re 24-1, losing still sucks. But I’m sure the long flight home, tomorrow off, guys just kind of unwinding a little bit, I bet there’ll a little bit of relief mentally going forward from this point on. It was a lot of fun.’

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