FIBA lifts Brazil CBB suspension


The suspension previously placed on the Brazilian Basketball Confederation has been lifted by FIBA through its Executive Committee. However, the sport’s governing body has warned the Mexican Federation that it could face sanctions if it does not meet stipulated statutory requirements.

Brazil’s CBB was suspended by FIBA in November 2016 as it had not met restructuring requirements to comply with FIBA as a national member federation. Since the suspension, the Confederation has come under new management and has worked towards meeting requirements. However, the lifting of the suspension is based on the condition that work is ongoing to meet obligations under general statutes.

FIBA says the lifting of the suspension is dependent on a crucial few weeks for the CBB to finally get its house in order.

As for the Mexican Federation (ADEMEBA), it is facing possible suspension if its own affairs are not resolved soon. ADEMEBA was originally suspended in November 2015, but was reinstated by FIBA at the start of 2016.

Reforms in the federation were accepted by the governing body, which now says the changes need to be finalised if it is to avoid reinstatement of the suspension.

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