Ferdinando Minucci resigns as Mens Sana Basket President

Ferdinando Minucci

Ferdinando Minucci, President of Mens Sana Basket since June 2008, resigns his position.

Mens Sana Basket’s new president is Cesare Lazzeroni. 

Mens Sana Basket Spa’s board of directors met on December 29, 2012. In addition to council members and statutory auditors, the president of the Polisportiva, the highest ranking member, was also present. Among topics on the agenda to be discussed was the investigation of the Viale Sclavo club underway by the Guardia di Finanza. The Board of Directors has made themselves available for a sort of alternation with the polisportiva, if they are better able to handle the situation by other means.

President Ferdinando Minucci, after having informed those present of the matter at hand, also announced that he’s decided to resign as president in order to dedicate himself exclusively to the sports aspect and allow the club to face this delicate moment fully free to act and efficiently deal with the fiscal questions that have been raised. The Board of Directors and Statutory Auditors appreciate and accept Minucci’s move, which was a voluntary one, and have decided to name Vice President Cesare Lazzeroni as the new President of Mens Sana Basket. The new vice president is Luca Ciurlia, while the role of CEO remains confirmed. Minucci, who will remain on the board, will still be handling all sports aspects, including representing Mens Sana Basket in Euroleague, the Federazione and the Legabasket.

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