EuroLeague to make final decision on season resumption on May 25

On Monday, May 25, EuroLeague clubs will vote whether to resume the 2019-20 season or not.

In the teleconference, only the 11 clubs with A licenses will vote. The CEO of the league, Jordi Bertomeu, will be able to intervene with his vote only in case there is a tie.

A majority (six teams) is needed to decide, after which the Assembly, which includes the rest of the 18 teams, will ratify the decision and make it final.

If the league decides to resume play, then games will be played in July (4-26).

If everything goes according to plan, then preparation (quarantine, training sessions) will start from late May and will end on July 2.

Belgrade, Athens, Cologne and Kaunas are the candidates to host the remaining games.

Serbia will send an official letter to the EuroLeague to host the tournament (regular season games + Final Eight).

The Serbian government has already released a statement, stating they can guarantee the entry of all participants of the Final tournament.

Last week, Zalgiris Kaunas officially requested to host the Final stage of the EuroLeague.

Lithuania is set to host sporting events from May 30, so Zalgiris hope the last part of the competition will take place in the country.

Kaunas and Belgrade remain the favorites to host the remainder of the season, while Athens and Cologne also emerge as candidates.

Bertomeu talked about the criteria under which the EuroLeague is planning to resume and finish the season in the summer.

The CEO and president of the competition made it clear that games will be played only if players are 100% healthy and safe.

Still, though, some of the league’s top players, like Nando De Colo, Aaron Jackson and Mike James, do not agree with EuroLeague plans and suggest the season should be canceled.

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