EuroBasket 2013: Round 2 advancement papers given

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EuroBasket 2013

Round 1 of EuroBasket 2013 is complete and the clubs moving on to Round 2 have been determined. Groups C and D were cut and dry with three top teams and no tiebreakers needed, but in Groups A and B the tiebreakers were complex as there were three teams tied for third place at 2-3, but the real story was in Group B where four teams finished the five-game series all tied at 3-2.

Heading into Round 2 will be the following (with the games they carry over from Round 1):

Group E
France 2-0
Serbia 2-0
Lithuania 1-1
Ukraine 1-1
Latvia 0-2
Belgium 0-2

Group F
Italy 2-0
Spain 1-1
Slovenia 1-1
Finland 1-1
Croatia 1-1
Greece 0-2

When Round 2 tips on 11 September for Group E and 12 September for Group F, each team will already have two games to their credit as the contests against the other teams from their group count towards their Round 2 records. What that means is that France and Serbia open Round 2 at 2-0 in Group E, while Italy is the sole holder of a 2-0 record in Group F. Latvia and Belgium come into Round 2 at 0-2 in Group E, and Greece starts out at 0-2 in Group F. The clubs will play the other three teams that they haven’t played yet for a five-game record, with the top four in each of the two groups moving on to the next round, which will be the quarterfinals.

Wrapping up Round 1 – Day 5:

Group A
No surprises on the last day, but three big wins, especially for France as they’ll carry their win over Belgium into the second round. Germany defeated Israel in a game that was meaningless to the playoff picture, and Ukraine stopped Great Britain from moving on to the next round. Belgium won the tiebreaker between Great Britain, Germany and Belgium by winning both games against the other two teams. France won the group by winning the tiebreaker with Ukraine based on the French squad’s win over the Ukrainians.

France, Ukraine, and Belgium move on to Round 2.

EuroBasket Group A

Round 1 Match List[matches league_id=35 group=A template=summary dateformat=”M. j, Y”]

Standings[standings league_id=35 group=A show_website=false template=nolink]

Group B
Group B came down to a four-way tie for the top spot. Serbia wins the group with wins against all three teams in the tiebreaker (the only teams they lost to were out of the playoff picture, FYR of Macedonia and Montenegro). The final two spots were determined by point differential within the games of the three remaining tied, Latvia, Lithuania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Latvia’s 11-point win over BiH gives them the top spot, Lithuania beat Latvia by 8, to take second and Bosnia and Herzegovina beat Lithuania by six in the final game, to fall just short of moving on.

EuroBasket Group B

Round 1 Match List[matches league_id=35 group=B template=summary dateformat=”M. j, Y”]

Standings[standings league_id=35 group=B show_website=false template=nolink]

Group C
Group C came together nicely, the three advancement spaces not requiring any calculations after the face. The third place Slovenians finished a full game ahead of the Num 4 team, Czech Republic, despite a Day 5 loss to Poland. Spain captures the group title off their 68:40 win over Croatia on Day 1 of Round 1. Croatia finishes in 2nd with a 4-1 record.

EuroBasket Group C

Round 1 Match List[matches league_id=35 group=C template=summary dateformat=”M. j, Y”]

Standings[standings league_id=35 group=C show_website=false template=nolink]

Group D
Group D has been set for a while now, with the top spot going to Italy with a perfect 5-0 record and after Day 5, Finland finishes at 4-1 and in second and Greece falls to third after a defeat from Finland on Day 5.

EuroBasket Group D

Round 1 Match List[matches league_id=35 group=D template=summary dateformat=”M. j, Y”]

Standings[standings league_id=35 group=D show_website=false template=nolink]

Group B

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