Cader advances after exciting match with Goes

CADER was victorious in its struggle against Goes in a high scoring and exciting game, 94-84. With this win, they will be able to move on in the championship.

The first quarter ended 24-11 with Goes commanding the floor with an excellent defense. In the first four minutes of the second quarter, however, Cader went on a shooting spree scoring 19 uncontested points.

Rodrigo Riera and Bruno Abratansky were key players. Riera was hot on offense and Abratansky helped defend against Jimmy Boston. Still, Goes managed to take the lead by half-time after a time-out and a quick huddle.

Cader’s coach Caneiro then switched up the ranks, sending Damián Mujica onto the court for the second half. Mujica ended up being very important for the team, scoring on offense and helping his teammates with good passes.

Goes seemed to be shaken by the effort as it lost ball control and struggled to get a clean pass to Boston. Their second-half performance was lackluster and it ultimately led to their defeat.

Adrián Bertolini and Jimmy Boston were the top shooters of the game with 26 points. Grady Reynolds managed 19.

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