Anadolu Efes players get surprised

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Anadolu EfesLast year, a group of guys from the Anadolu Efes basketball club were asked to be in an advertising video that included a rendition of a popular song from a Turkish pop star that essentially thanked the fans for their support. So, Kerem Tunçeri (vocal), Sasha Vujačić (guitar), Sinan Güler (guitar), Tarence Kinsey (bass, currently with Scavolini Banca Marche PU), and Cenk Akyol (drums, currently with Galatasaray Medical Park) went to the studio and filmed the first part of the video posted above.

Recently, a follow-up advertisement was shot, only this time, the guys weren’t told they were going to be in it until after the fact…

It was set as a team trip to see an orchestra. Reluctantly they all agreed, got dressed and showed up. As interviews show, they weren’t all happy about it, but they went. You see guys looking at their watches, texting, and just looking like they’d rather be anywhere but where they currently were.

Then it happened.

The audience was paid to be there and were wearing clothes on top that could be easily removed to reveal what that on underneath, which was a team jersey in most cases. Over 500 people were put in the audience to pull off the tasks, while over 750 were involved and series of 15 hidden cameras around the auditorium recorded the activites. As the orchestra broke into their next song, first one audience member stood and sang, then a few more, and an entire row and by the end, the entire audience was singing, by then the team was standing and involved. As the lights dimmed, the audience peeled off the Velcro secured suits and dressed, and pulled out their Efes banners, while huge banners dropped from the balcony. The orchestra hall went from a crowd of serious classical music enthusiasts to a rabid basketball crowd in an instant.

Behind the scenes of the video last year:

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