Zach Hodskins just wants to play basketball

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Zach Hodskins doesn’t let condition affect his play

Zach HodskinsBallers across the globe spend practice time learning to pass off the dribble with one hand, work on one-handed shooting drills, learn to keep the second hand light on the ball when they shoot, and a host of other skills to develop their game. In the case of Zach Hodskins, a 6’2″ junior guard from Milton High School in Alpharetta, Georgia (US), he had no choice having been born without much of his left arm. Hodskins, who has been reported to be getting interest from the University of Alabama, dropped in seven three-pointers in game earlier in the high school season.

In December the video above was posted on YouTube and within a few days had reach over a million views and currently has over 3.24 million views. Shortly after getting posted it caught the attention of ESPN and Hodskins was featured at #4 on their top ten plays of the day.

Below is an interview with Hodskins and video of him playing with his AAU club.

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