Tsmoki Minsk wins the Belorussian title for the thirteenth time in a row

In the fourth match of the final series of the Belorussian national basketball championship, Tsmoki Minsk defeated Borysfen Mogilev with 85:52.

The first two games of the series were held in Minsk. At first, Tsmoki Minsk unexpectedly lost (68:85) but then restored the balance by winning the second game convincingly (90:74). Then the series moved to Mogilev, where Tsmoki Minsk was able to take the lead in the series, winning with 86:74. In the next match, it was enough for Tsmoki to win in order to become champions.

Tsmoki-Minsk has won the Belarusian championship every season since 2009.

Tsmoki Minsk wins 13th title in a row

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