Tony Parker leaves Nike for Chinese sportswear company Peak

Tony Parker signs with Peak

Tony Parker is leaving Nike for Chinese sportswear company Peak in a deal worth between € 2.000.000 and € 3.000.000 annually.

Parker was receiving less than half that amount from Nike to wear its shoes. For several months, the Frenchman “was in negotiations with Nike regarding the development of his academy, which would have doubled the amount invested” the company had in the San Antonio Spurs’player. It appears “the proposal was refused” and Parker has opted to sign with Peak where he will become the company’s brand ambassador.

Peak also has endorsement deals with fellow NBA players Javale McGee, Jason Kidd and Shane Battie.

It has become a trend that NBA players leave traditional brands like Nike, to sign much more lucrative deals with Chinese sportswear companies.

A couple of months ago Dwayne Wade dumped Jordan Brand and accepted an offer from Beijing-based footwear and apparel company Li-Ning.

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