The Costa Rican Poets live to write another verse

COOPENAE San Ramón beat Sanatura 79-71. The two Costa Rican teams have faced off four times now but San Ramón’s victory tied the series, leaving one more decisive game next Sunday.
Los poetas (the poets, an interesting basketball name) from San Ramón dominated their rivals in three periods before Sanatura finally turned up the heat, coming very close to sealing the deal for the series. The Poets managed to hold on and bounce back, extending the lead to 11 points to end the game and ensure that they have one more shot at knocking off Sanatura next week. Sanatura also began to fumble and lose coordination near the end, making Poets’ victory that much easier. It is a good come-back story as the Poets were down and out, trailing 2 games to 0 but held on winning two games in a row, which is quite a feat as come backs are concerned. Can they run on this streak and compose a victory next week?

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