Thabo Sefolosha settles in case with NYPD

Thabo Sefolosha

Atlanta Hawks guard Thabo Sefolosha has settled a civil lawsuit against five members of the New York City Police Department. The case stems from lawsuit the Swiss player filed last year following an arrest in 2015.

Sefolosha was acquitted in trial and later filed a lawsuit for injuries sustained during his initial arrest. He suffered a broken right leg and ligament damage to his ankle. He alleges that the police officers used excessive force.

Before the matter was taken to trial, Thabo Sefolosha settled with the NYPD. At the time, Thabo Sefolosha was on a $4,000,000 contract with the Hawks, which he indeed is still earning. While the settlement details have not been announced, it is believed he was compensated the $4,000,000. Contract loss.

“I’m glad this matter is resolved,” Sefolosha’s attorney Alex Spiro told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Wednesday.

Sefolosha is now back in action for Atlanta and over 60 games this season he has averages of 7.3 points and 4.4 rebounds per game. He has previously played for Oklahoma City and the Chicago Bulls.

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