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Sitra Club releases coach Goran Miljevic

sitra club

The Sitra Club from Bahrain’s Premier League, has announced that it will be replacing Serbian coach Goran Miljevic. He will be replaced by the team’s former coach, Najah Milad. The team’s management was dissatisfied with its two losses. The first was to Al-Hala and then to the league’s new entrant, Al-Hidd Club. The coaching change, along with the new signing of Jamal Holden immediately generated a positive result for the team as it defeated the league-leading Al Muharraq basketball team. Miljevic’s assistant, Nikola Vasilev, will stay on with the club as he is still under contract over the next two years.

Miljevic coached the Syrian National Team in 2011 as it participated in the Asian Championships in Wuhan, China.

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