Shelden Williams to leave Chalon

Shelden Williams

Shelden Williams (206 cm, Duke’06) has the rumor mill flying today as it’s being reported that he’ll be leaving Elan Chalon and heading to Fenerbahce Ulker prior to the Thursday Euroleague cut off for roster moves. There has been much talk recently of Williams moving to either Fenerbahce or Beskitas, with Fenerbahce being on the top of the list. Today those rumors seem to be getting some teeth as various sources are quoting confirmation from high level personnel with knowledge of the deal, such as Dominique Juillot, President of Elan Chalon, who stated, “We have an agreement for Williams with a Euroleague team.” Not quite confirming Ulker, but confirming a deal is in the works. The deal reportedly includes a EUR 350,000 buyout that will need to be paid before Williams can switch uniforms, an additional payment next year ($1 million) for an extension, and a transfer of Mike Batiste to Chalon. If all goes as planned, the deal should be announced officially on Wednesday, as the paper work has already been sent to the Euroleague office for approval.

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