Serbian Superleague Director Predrag Bojic

Serbian Superleague hit by Scandal

Serbian Superleague Director Predrag Bojic
The Serbian Superleague has been hit by a fresh scandal today after it emerged that Director Predrag Bojic has threatened to forfeit a game from five league clubs over non-payments of outstanding monies.

The clubs involved have been named as Sloboda Uzice, Metalac Valjevo, Red Star Belgrade, Vojvodina Novi Sad and Partizan Belgrade and all could have their 11th round games scrubbed from the records. The Serbian Superleague has taken the action after the five clubs did not meet financial obligations towards the league and their 11th round games could be ignored, with the opponents of those matches picking up the win even if the scores were against them.

For Partizan and Sloboda Uzice the suspension of the 11th round came as both teams faced off, with Partizan emerging as 102-54 winners, although the entire result could now be void. Elsewhere Red Star defeated Radnicki 72-66 but it will be Radnicki who will claim the win, Vojvodina defeated Konstantin but will not claim the win, while Mega Vizura defeated Metalac, so that result will remain as it was.

All clubs owe debts to the Serbian Superleague and Director Predrag Bojic has said all have until May 21st to settle their outstanding debts or have their week 11 games forfeited.

Serbian Superleague Director Predrag Bojic said that “because of failure to pay financial obligations the following clubs are suspended and their games do not register: Sloboda Uzice, Metalac, Red Star Belgrade, Vojvodina and Partizan”

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