Romain Sato released by prosecutor, returning to Istanbul

Romain SatoRomain Sato has been released by the Kranj, Slovenia prosecutors office after being questioned about irregularities on his passport. The police stated that the numbers didn’t match up and that there were stamps on the passport from countries he’s never been to. At this time there’s been no statement as to the proof/evidence that the passport is fake, just that the Slovenians won’t accept it and they’ve sent the Fenerbahce Ulker swingman home, just hours before the squad’s Euroleague match up with BC Union Olimpija Ljubljana. Reportedly he possesses the same passport he’s had since 2005, issued by his native country, Central African Republic, and has traveled to the US and all over Europe with until now.

It was earlier stated that he spent the night in jail, when in fact he was detained at the airport and reportedly slept in a chair in an office as he was too tired from the day’s activities to stay awake any longer.

3 Responses to "Romain Sato released by prosecutor, returning to Istanbul"

  1. Dirty trick, dirtiest trick ever.
    These border officers are idiots and stamp the passport whatever they like way. I was held thrice myself because they couldn’t understand how I escaped from the country without stamp which they never found because they don’t put it while you leave the country.

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