Rio 2016 Olympics Men’s Basketball Schedule

Rio 2016 We are just over a week away from the start of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and sports fans from all over the world are excited to see top athletes compete for pride and country. After a grueling qualification process, 12 basketball teams are set compete for gold in the Men’s Basketball event. Nigeria will be representing Africa. China is the lone representative from Asia and Australia emerged to represent the Australia and Oceania region. Three South American countries made the cut and they are Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela. The USA are the defending gold medalists and are the heavy favorites to win, despite fielding a less than optimal roster. Five nations from Europe are competing and they are Croatia, France, Serbia, Spain, and Lithuania.

Competing teams have been divided into two groups and after 10 days of intense basketball action the top four teams from each group will fight in the Quarter Finals.

Here is the schedule of games for the first stage of the event. Times are in the Brazil timezone (UTC/GMT -3 HRS).
*Order of games for the day may change to meet TV requirements

August 6, Saturday

Group A

Australia vs. France (14:15), China vs. USA (19:00), Venezuela vs. Serbia (22:30)

August 7, Sunday

Group B

Brazil vs. Lithuania (14:15), Croatia vs. Spain (19:00), Nigeria vs. Argentina (22:30)

August 8, Monday

Group A

Serbia vs. Australia (14:15), USA vs. Venezuela (19:00), France vs. China (22:30)

August 9, Tuesday

Group B

Spain vs. Brazil (14:15), Lithuania vs. Nigeria (19:00), Argentina vs. Croatia (22:30)

August 10, Wednesday

Group A

Serbia vs. France (14:15), Australia vs. USA (19:00), Venezuela vs. China (22:30)

August 11, Thursday

Group B

Brazil vs. Croatia (14:15), Nigeria vs. Spain (19:00), Lithuania vs. Argentina (22:30)

August 12, Friday

Group A

China vs. Australia (14:15), USA vs. Serbia (19:00), France vs. Venezuela (22:30)

August 13, Saturday

Group B

Argentina vs. Brazil (14:15), Spain vs. Lithuania (19:00), Croatia vs. Nigeria (22:30)

August 14, Sunday

Group A

USA vs. France (14:15),  Australia vs. Venezuela (19:00), Serbia vs. China (22:30)

August 15, Monday

Group B

Nigeria vs. Brazil (14:15), Spain vs. Argentina (19:00), Lithuania vs. Croatia (22:30)

Quarter-Finals will begin on August 17, Wednesday

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