Quimsa beats Sionista in Argentina

Quimsa de Santiago beat Centro Juventud Sionista in a well-played game that was only decided with the last possession, 86-84.  The first period was even, the command of the game switching back and forth between the two teams.

Sionista ended the first half ahead by four points.  Early in the third quarter, they extended their lead to a total of 14 points but they soon slacked in their efforts and found themselves down by 8 points at the end of the third quarter.

The Sionista managed to erase Quimsa’s lead at the end through tight play but, after injuries and an uncalled foul, it was all over.

Quimsa just barely managed to win with one final shot from Villares.

Quimsa’s high scorers were Aguire with 12 points and Villares with 7.

Sionista’s best players were Cequeira with 12 points and Pittman with 13.

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