Portsmouth Invitational Day 2: World Record attempt

Portsmouth Invitational

Team “Cherry Bekaert” huddles prior to their first round contest with “Sales Systems, Ltd” at the Portsmouth Invitational

Day two of the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament included games with the last four groups of collegiate seniors putting their ‘A’ games on display for the scores of scouts in attendance, as well as an attempt by local baller Frank “Hot Shot” Rodgers to set a World Record in free throws made in 30 seconds.

The early contest of the day was between the two clubs that lost their matches on Wednesday night, Mike Duman Auto Sales and Norfolk Sports Club, with Mike Duman coming out on top, 90:80.

Mike Duman Auto Sales – Norfolk Sports Club, 90:80
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In the night games, the first featured Carl Hall, fresh off his run with Wichita State to the NCAA final four, Mike Rosario from Elite Eight qualifier Florida, Travis Releford of Kansas, who lost to Michigan in the Sweet 16, and Ramon Galloway from LaSalle, who lost to Wichita State in the Sweet 16.

Roger Brown’s Restaurant – Portsmouth Sports Club, 91:64
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At halftime of the 7pm contest, a local Portsmouth man, Frank “Hot Shot” Rodgers, started his official quest to break a number of free throw shooting records by attempting to break the record for the most free throws made in 30 seconds. The current record is held by Bob Fisher, who put in 33 baskets in 30 seconds. Rodgers, also known as the “Ice Cream Shooter”, got his start with the game of basketball when he was six years old in Norfolk, VA. He didn’t have a hoop or a basketball, so he took a grocery bag, cut the bottom out to make the hoop he taped to the wall, then crumpled up newspaper and duct taped it for a ball. It wasn’t for a couple of years that he actually got to shoot on a real basket with a real basketball, but by the time he was senior in high school he was skilled enough that he was a key player on the 1983 Manor High School club went 18-0. Frank’s out to challenge a number of records this year (all done with unlimited help and basketballs), namely 30 secs (33), one minute (50), two minutes (92), 10 minutes (448), one hour (2,371), and the big one – 24 hours (20,371).

Portsmouth Invitational

Frank “Hot Shot” Rodgers attempts to set the world record for most free throws made in 30 seconds. He came up short, but doesn’t plan on giving up.

In his first attempt, he came up a few short of the record, but acknowledged that he’s got work to do on the help and how he gets the basketballs for the next shot, but he’s on his way.

The second game of the night featured Durand Scott of Miami, who lost to Marquette in the Sweet 16, Kyle Barone of Idaho, the WAC Player of the Year, James Ennis of Long Beach State, the Big West Player of the Year, Khalif Wyatt of Temple, the Atlantic 10 Player of the Year, and Jordan Hull of Indiana, who lost to Syracuse in the Sweet 16.

Cherry Bekaert – Sales Systems, LTD, 81:74
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