Pontiac Firebirds Late Addition to ABA Expansion Teams

Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) www.abalive.com today announced that a late addition to the record-setting expansion for the upcoming season will include a team from Pontiac, Michigan – the Pontiac Firebirds.  “What a great addition to the league and the North Central Division this is,” stated Joe Newman, ABA CEO.  “In Shelby D. Johnson, we have a tremendous new owner with over 40 years of experience in sports, business, academics – we couldn’t ask for more.”

Shelby Johnson was born and raised in Michigan where he attended public high schools of Taylor Michigan before attaining his Bachelor Degree from the University of Michigan and his Master Degree from Wayne State University.  He has been involved in sports at various levels, as player, coach and administrator for over forty years and is the proud father of five children.

For seventeen years, Johnson was a successful teacher and served as a school administrator for nine years where he currently operates as an educational leader.  He is not unfamiliar with successful business ownership and owns and operates International Management Agency, Inc, a personal and property management consulting firm and is co-founder of Elite Performance Sports which operates in the Southeast corner of Michigan.

“In God’s forever presence, it is the organization’s mission to partner with the community, businesses, schools, and churches to promote anti-bullying and literacy while providing team members the change to advance their playing career as well as enhancing the local economy by increasing employment opportunities,” stated Johnson.  “Will will provide a fast-paced, high quality professional basketball team that reflects the community’s values and present entertainment that is exciting, fresh and fun for the family.”

For more information, email Shelby at sjon91@yahoo.com or visit www.firebirdbasketball.com (to be active soon). Or visit www.abalive.com.

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