Phil Jackson leaving the New York Knicks

Phil JacksonAccording to various sources close to the situation, Phil Jackson is expected to announce that he will be moving on and parting ways with the New York Knicks. Jackson signed on as President of basketball operations in 2014. Unfortunately, for the legendary basketball coach, his tenure with the organization has been rocky, to say the least. He was unable to form a team that could properly execute the triangle offense he made famous coaching the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers in seasons past, with the team finding themselves in the unfamiliar territory of being outside of the playoff race far too often for comfort.

At the end of the day, there has been a divergence in vision between the guru and team ownership.

Knick general manager Steve Mills is expected to be taking charge of the team’s moves during this free agency period.

Now the Knicks as an organization need to move on. One step at a time. It has been too long that they have been irrelevant, an afterthought even, in the Eastern Conference. They will need to find a new direction and someone to take them back to their team back to the former glory.

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