Paraguay: Olimpia beats Ciudad Nueva

Olimpia and Ciudade Nueva, both teams from the capital of Asunción, Paraguay, faced off in the second match for the Estadio Comuneros Cup.

Olimpia barely pulled off a victory against Ciudad. Up to the last quarter, Ciudad dominated the whole game, leading by up to 18 points at times as they were cheered on by their fans. The Olimpia, however, are used to tough games and they slowly started to erase that lead. With only 8 seconds left, Fernando Insfran (1,72m) sunk a 3-pointer from the right corner to overtake the opposition, leaving the series at 2-0 in favor of the Olimpia.

The atmosphere was tense, to say the least, as these teams are big rivals (the are from the same region) in Paraguay and the importance of this game was known to all the fans present in the stadium.

They will face off one more time this Saturday in what could be the final match. It is going to be an explosive game.

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