NCAA Tournament: the story of UMBC and the biggest March Madness upset in history

NCAA Tournament

U.S. Basketball is still buzzing after a history making weekend in the NCAA tournament… March Madness indeed. Never in the history of this illustrious competition as the 16th seed defeated the No. 1 seed, not until this week. The record books were smashed apart by University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) as it defeated Virginia 74-54.

The biggest update in NCAA tournament history and maybe in U.S. basketball as a whole. Let’s put some numbers on this because the gravity of UMBC’s win deserves the hyperbole. Not once since the NCAA expanded March Madness to 64 teams in 1985 have we seen a comparable triumph. During that time, the first seed teams have dominated their 16th seed counterparts to the tune of 0-135.

You can now scratch that figure and change it to 1-135 thanks to the Retrievers. In perspective, this was the worst team, 16th best in the NCAA for sure, but still the worst team left in the tournament against a dominant No.1 seed. Virginia Cavaliers has a 31-3 record and looked in good form.

However, UMBC with a 25-10 record complete dominated this game, controlling Virginia and building a massive win. From cutting down the Cavaliers defense to striking gold at the offensive bucket, UMBC put in one of those once lifetime performance.

Heading into the next round, UMBC is brimming with confidence.

“We’re talented, we’re everything every other team is,” guard Jourdan Grant said. “Coach just told us to go out there and take the shots.”

As for head coach Ryan Odom, he has become an overnight sensation, piquing the interest of schools and teams around the country.

“It’s huge for the program, huge for the university,” Ryan Odom said. “It kind of gives a snapshot nationally of our university. What do I think about it? First and foremost I’m excited for these kids. I’m excited for our players, our staff. They’re playing on the biggest stage in college basketball, and they’ve worked really hard for it.

“We have a saying in our locker room that’s posted up that says, ‘The work you do in the dark will reveal itself in the light,’ and we’re getting ready to go into the light. The big lights.”

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