NBA Free Agency: Warriors and 76ers win, Cavaliers lose

NBA Free Agency

Day 1 of the 2017 NBA Free Agency started hot and then cooled through the day. As the clock passed midnight, we saw a flurry of activity as many of the major deals were cut quickly. Probably the key word around the NBA Free Agency this year has been money … big money.

Looking through the opening day, the big deals, such as Steph Curry confirming the inevitable by staying with Golden State, were done and dusted before midnight. However, there was much to discuss and the usual winners and losers through the 2017 NBA Free Agency on day 1:

Golden State Warriors

As mentioned, the Warriors won big by locking down Stephan Curry on a five-year deal that makes him the highest paid player in the association ($201 million over the next half decade). After getting the biggest business done, Golden State acted fast to tie down Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala.

Livingston committed to a $24 million deal over three years, while Iguodala threatened to move on before finally playing ball and locking himself in for three years at $48 million. With the championship core almost intact, expect the Warriors to next offer Kevin Durant a (non-free agency) pay rise.

Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers are having a good summer so far. The franchise undoubtedly made the most of the NBA Draft and is on course to be the big winner from the Free Agency. J.J. Redick and Amir Johnson were given guaranteed salaries of $34 million for their services this coming 2017/2018. With a tight young core, Redick and Johnson will offer an exciting 76ers roster some needed experience and spirit.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Free Agency did not go well for the Cavs. The 2016 NBA champs were thoroughly outplayed by the Warriors in the finals this season, and while the current champs are shaping up well to defend their crown, the Cavaliers are having an uncertain summer. The franchise picked up Jose Calderon during day 1 of the NBA Free Agency.

At best, the signing is solid, but it is certainly uninspiring. Calderon will be 36 by time the season tips off and he has never won a title and is unlikely to be defending against the best playmakers in the league. Certainly, he does not take the Cavaliers to the next level they need to be at to compete with the Warriors.

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