Maleye N’Doye retained by Paris-Levallois

Maleye N'Doye Paris-Levallois (France-Pro A) has decided to keep veteran Senegalese player Maleye N’Doye (202 cm, Furman’04) this 2016-17 season. The 36-year-old forward has been a member of the Senegal national team for over decade now, being first added in 2003. He has had a long history with the club, first joining forces with Paris-Levallois in 2012. Maleye played in a total of 34 games for Paris-Levallois in 2015-16 and he registered averages of 6.4 ppg and 2.2 rpg. While many teams continue to sign new players, seeing old faces on rosters is also good for some stability and continuity within the organization.

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