Liga Sudamericana releases 2012/2013 schedule

ABASU (Southamerican association) released the scedule and the participants for the next season of Liga Sudamericana. The first round will be played in four groups of 4 teams each. The first two teams of each group will advance to second round. And the winners of this round will advance to the final four. The news for this season is that the first 8 teams of the tournament will play in next Liga de las Americas, with other 8 teams from Mexico and central America.


Group A (Ibarra Ecuador, 9, 10 , 11 october): Obras Sanitarias (Argentina), Pinheiros (Brazil), Centauros Apure (Venezuela) , Mavort (Ecuador).

Group B (Brasilia – Brazil, 16, 17 , 18 october): Regatas Corrientes (argentina), Uniceub (Brazil), Malvin (Uruguay), Amistad (Bolivia).

Group C (Mar del Plata Argentina, el 23, 24 y 25 octubre): Penarol Mar del Plata (Argentina), Flamengo (Brazil), Hebraica Macabi (Uruguay), a team from Chile

Group D (Vargas Venezuela, 30,31 october and November 1 ): Libertad Sunchacles (Argentina), Sao Jose (Brazil), Tiburones (Venezuela), El Bosque Peru.

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