Larry Bird’s son Connor Bird arrested

Connor Bird

Connor Bird, the son of legendary Basketball star Larry Bird has been arrested after the 21-year old allegedly tried to hit his girlfriend with his car.

Bird is facing multiple charges including battery with injury and criminal mischief. He could also face the charge of intimidation with a deadly weapon, and reports of cannabis possession could lead to drug possession charges.

During the incident that occurred at his Bloomington, Ind., apartment on Sunday afternoon, Bird is alleged to have started an argument with his girlfriend, during which it is reported he repeatedly threw his cell phone at her. Later that evening, Bird is said to have entered a parking lot as the woman exited her car, he then tried to hit her twice with his vehicle.

The attorney representing Bird declined to comment, while a lawyer representing the Bird family said the following:

“What has happened is a very private matter. We’re trying to resolve this as quickly as possible and we’re all thankful no one was seriously injured.”

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