KK Zagreb team manager found dead

Zoran Sučević team manager of KK Zagreb

KK Zagreb team manager, Zoran Sučević, was found dead yesterday night. Nobody knows what has happened, and the whole team is in shock.

The 44 year old Sučević was at work as usual on Wednesday and nobody noticed anything strange about him. The last time that anybody heard anything from him was late that afternoon after a phone call when he said that he was stepping out and would return soon. But he didn’t return, and also didn’t answer any phone calls. Both his family and the club started to worry.

Around 18.00 ‘o clock (6.00 p.m.) Zoran Sučević was expected to show up for the Croatian cup game between Zagreb and Cibona. Normally, he would sit at the bench together with the players and the coaches.

The police were notified, and a search started. At around 04.00 ‘o clock (04.00 a.m.) Thursday morning, the police found a corps of a male. The police has not officially released the identity, nor the circumstances under which the corps was found, but insiders confirm that it was indeed Zoran Sučević and that it was not a natural death.

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