BC Khimki pays off its debts

BC Khimki Moscow (Russia, PBL, VTB League, and Euroleague) has announced that the club has finally paid all of its outstanding debts. That means players, coaches, and the staff have received more than 3 months of owed back pay. Khimki released a statement from president of BC “Khimki” Dmitry Golubkov on its website revealing the news after a protracted saga.

“The governor kept his word; he attracted sponsors and provided financial support for the team. We closed all the debts, and players can now fully concentrate on basketball,” the statement read.

We have been following the story here on Court Side, and you may remember that earlier this month the Khimki players had threatened to go on strike. The players carried out their threat and went on strike for a short while, but now the issue has been resolved.

It is unclear whether the sponsors found to pay off the debt will continue to back Khimki in the future, but for now the team is in the clear. The players can now get back to playing basketball. The team is currently 2nd in the PBL Russia standings with a 7-2 record, while in the Euroleague they are 4th in Group F with 4-2. The team is in good form, and has not lost a home contest all season.

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