Durant: $1m for tornado relief

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant joined millions around the world in being touched by the devastating tornado that ripped through the outskirts of Oklahoma City. In fact, as a small forward for the Oklahoma City the devastation was very close to home for the player and he will feel the impact and out pouring of emotion more than most.

An enormous tornado up to two miles wild tore through the houses and communities on the outer reaches of Oklahoma City in the town of Moore on Monday night. Considered the biggest and most powerful twister ever the tornado has claimed the lives of 24 with the death toll set to rise. Aside from the human impact, a huge economic disaster looms as billions of dollars’ worth of damage has been caused. With a socio-economic crisis on his doorstep, Kevin Durant has decided to do his bit.

Durant has already become a popular figure in and around Oklahoma City as he led the Thunder into the play-offs where the team lost to the Memphis Grizzlies in the second round. Now a resident in Oklahoma, Durant has decided to help the communities around him off the court as well as on it, and he has pledged $1 million to the tornado relief operation.

The donation has been made through his family operated foundation and was made on Tuesday. Durant was in Minneapolis when the twister hit watching long-time friend Monica Wright play for the Minneapolis Lynx, although the player released a short statement about his donation.

“As the day went on and I saw the footage and the casualties and the houses being blown away, it was tough to see. I call Oklahoma City my home. I go through Moore all the time. It’s unfortunate. We’re going to come together as a city like we always do and we’re going to bounce back”.

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