Kentucky slams UCLA in amazing game

KentuckyAs incredible results go, Kentucky’s 44-83 demolition over UCLA is right up there and the Wildcats certainly put in one of the most dominant displays of the season so far.

The amazing stats just reel off the page. Kentucky scored the first 24 points of the game, UCLA Bruins mustered just seven points through the entire first half, and during the opening two quarters Kentucky had more blocks (8) and more assists (12) than UCLA had points. It was the lowest points total in a half from UCLA in history, while it was the lowest amount against the Wildcats since 1943.

Yes, UCLA improved in the second half as these two Division 1 schools clashed for the first time in eight years, but that second half proved to be a procession as Kentucky strode to victory on the back of 19 points behind Devin Booker.

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