Indonesia SEBA Cup runner up

Indonesia claimed the second place at the SEABA Cup held in Thailand. They shot down Singapore in the final game of the tournament. Faisal Julius Ahmad (179-PG-81) knocked down 16 points to lead the winners. Singapore earned a 12:9 lead at the first break. Indonesia cut the deficit to 2 points at the interval 20:22. They exploded in the third quarter. Indonesia went on a 29:13 rally to surge ahead. The teams slowed down in the final period and traded baskets as Indonesia marched to the victory at the end. Arki Wisnu (187-G-88) notched 14 points for Indonesia. Vamiga Michel (191-SF-92) and Frida Susanto (195-PF-86) added 8 points each in the win. Hanbin Ng answered with 11 points for Singapore. Matialakan Pathman (198-C-80) posted 16 points in the losing case.

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