Igokea GM resigns after Red Star game


Goran Dodik

Goran Dodik, the GM of Adriatic League team KK Igokea Aleksandrovac from Bosnia (Serbian part) has resigned after an incident taking place after his team’s victory last Saturday against Red Star Telekom from Belgrade, Serbia.

That was an important game between the numbers 1 and 2 of the Adriatic League and after home team Igokea won that game it is almost guaranteed a spot in the Euroleague next season.

Adriatic League rules does not allow fans of opposing teams to attend games. Tickets are simply not made available to them. Nevertheless, there were plenty of Red Star fans in the gym last Saturday. Not only did they cheer for their favorite team, but they also chanted obscenities directed at the home team and their GM.

In an act of frustration, the GM looked for revenge after the game by showing the middle finger to the red and white fans and taunting them. A storm of protest erupted afterwards, since this as something a GM should not get himself into. Goran Dodik was the first one to admit that. He said:

“I am very sorry. I was provoked by group of local Red Star fans and snapped. I should not have done it. I am very sorry. Everybody knows that I am a big fan of Red Star and have nothing against that club or its fans.”

Goran Dodik, who is the brother of Milorad Dodik the President of Republika Srpska (the Serbian part of Bosnia) offered his resignation and the club accepted it. The Adriatic League also gave a € 5.000 fine to Igokea and Goran Dodik is suspended for three months and is not allowed to attend any games during that time. The new GM of the club will be Boris Spasojevic who is currently the President of the Basketball Federation of the Republika Srpska.

Below is a video clip of Goran Dodik showing the Red Star fans his middle finger.


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  1. Katz on January 24, 2013 at 10:01

    HAHAHAHA. Nice serbian story.
    Though the rule of not admitting fans is really abusive, strange.

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