Ibrahim Jaaber leaves Zalgiris because of religion

Ibrahim JaaberLithuanian team Zalgiris Kaunas (LKL, Euroleague and VTB United) announced that Ibrahim Jaaber (187 cm, Pennsylvania’07) left the team due to his religious convictions. The American guard, who also holds a Bulgarian passport, wrote a letter to Zalgiris saying that he won’t play anymore in Europe. Jaaber was upset for the ads on Zalgiris T-shirt and on the T-shirts of the cheerleaders and their performance on the court. Zalgiris said that the club will demand damages from the player for breach of contract. In college Ibrahim Jaaber was the Ivy League leader in assists and player of the year when he played at Pennsylvania. Following his graduation he signed his first professional contract with Egaleo AO from Greece. After that Ibrahim Jaaber went to Italy where he stayed until he signed with Zalgiris Kaunas.


9 Responses to "Ibrahim Jaaber leaves Zalgiris because of religion"

  1. You cannot understand his views unless you are from the same religion as he is, so why not keep your mouths shut about stuff that you will never understand. If you think this is ‘unprofessional” then you obviously don’t know the meaning of religions and values.

  2. was offered $500,000.00 to play professional basketball, but after his team put a beer company on their shirts as a sponsor, and after seeing the half naked cheerleaders at half time every game, he went to the bank and returned ALL the money, left the team, and now travels to give speeches to the youth. There were no cheerleaders first… I can’t believe the comments I am seeing. People can be very ignorant.

  3. okay didnt he know his religion when he started? You cant serve two Gods…pick one and chose. Poor judgement on a professional player…shot the ball and worry about real life issues. What does a cheerleader have to do with him playing. Maybe his wife wont having them sexy ladies shake it infront him.

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