Golden State Warriors Get Historic 73rd Win

Golden State Warriors The Golden State Warriors have made NBA history with their 125-104 win over the Memphis Grizzlies. The win allowed them to finish the 2015-16 regular season with a 73-9 record, the best-ever in the league’s history. The previous record was 72-10, held by the Jordan-era Chicago Bulls.

This now puts this team in the discussion when it comes to talking about the “best team ever.” Led by their Superstar point guard, Stephen Curry, the Warriors convincingly stomped through this season like it was no one’s business. His impressive all-around abilities are par to none and Curry has in some ways redefined what a “great”, or even “all-time great” player is or should be.

Curry was the go-to guy in this game. He knocked down 10 treys and finished the season with 402 successful three-point shots made. Again, another one for the record books. His 46 points for the game allowed him to finish 2015-16 with 30 ppg.

With the regular season now over and done with, everyone’s attention has now turned to the upcoming playoffs. The Warriors will need to win a back-to-back title this year to be truly considered NBA’s all-time greatest team, but that is still something that is more than several games over the horizon. For now, fans will just have to be content and enjoy the view of some spectacular basketball!

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