Four Japanese Players Cut Amid Scandal At Asian Games

Asian Games Four players of the Japanese Men’s Basketball Team were sent home from the Asian Games 2018, for allegedly paying for sex with prostitutes. The Japanese Olympic Committee convened an emergency meeting following the allegations. In a press conference, Japanese delegation chief Yasuhiro Yamashita informed the media that the players were stripped of their membership from the national team.

“There were actions that violated the national team’s code of conduct…and it betrayed the expectations of Japanese citizens,” Yamashita said. “As the chief of the delegation, it is very regrettable and I deeply apologize from the bottom my heart.”

The players, who were still allegedly wearing their uniforms, left the athletes village at 10 p.m. and proceeded to a bar to “meet women.” They were later seen checking into a hotel with four women where they spent the night. The women were paid 1.2 million Indonesian rupiahs ($82) for sex.

Players  Yuya Nagayoshi, 27, Takuya Hashimoto, 23, Takuma Sato, 23, and Keita Imamura, 22, attended the press conference wearing black suits and expressed remorse over their actions.

“Because of our thoughtless behavior, we have caused tremendous trouble. We are taking a hard look at what we have done,” Nagayoshi said.

The players flew back to Japan at their own expense. The remaining eight players of the team will continue to participate in the games until its conclusion on September 1st.

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