FinTech Companies Stamp a Footprint in the League

FinTech companies have now started making their mark in the Polish Basketball League., the FinTech leader dealing with the trading of cryptocurrency, has signed a sponsorship contract for several years. At present, it is the official sponsor of the Chicago Bulls. But now, it will sponsor the Polish Basketball League and support it.

According to the contract, has become the official sponsor of the Tauron Basketball League and has been designated the tag of Official Foreign Currency Exchange Partner.


Importance of this Sponsorship

The Vice President of, Piotr Kicinki has made some statements about the same. He has said that in the previous year the media has paid considerable attention to signing a contract with Chicago Bulls. But it has been the partner of Stemlet BC Zielona Gora for several years now. Kicinki says that it is now going to cooperate with the National Basketball League. He feels that their decision to sponsor the Polish Basketball League is in tandem with the sponsorship strategy. is a big fintech company supporting the Polish Basketball League. It competes with its rival Blik, another big fintech company in Poland. Both these companies are becoming more and more popular with every passing day. From gambling to shopping, Blik offers a plethora of coverages. You can also use the Blik payment app to deposit and withdraw funds at online casinos. If you are an avid casino player, get more info about the list of popular Blik online casinos.

Both companies aim to engage more fans in the league. is planning to launch CSR actions and wants to promote all its events on social media. However, has not disclosed their financial details or the contract’s term.

Now, it is left to be seen how Cinkciarz will help the Polish Basketball League reach out to more fans.

How Is the Sponsorship Beneficial for Both Parties?

The signing of the contract is a historical move. The fact that the fintech company cooperating with Chicago Bulls, an NBA team, and the Polish National Football Team has made an agreement with Tauron Basketball League is a matter of great significance. The agreement is going to be advantageous for both parties. Not only will the move help in engaging more fans but also will promote basketball.

The logo of is going to appear on the LED signages on the basketball courtside. Fans are also going to find them on the arenas of the courts of each team taking part in the games. The company will offer more exposure to the marketing and promotional materials of the basketball league. It looks forward to conducting various activities to engage the support.

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