FIBA Men’s U19 Worlds advance to next round

FIBA Men's U19

Canada’s Tyler Ennis McIntyre leads all scorers in the FIBA Men’s U19 World Championships with 23.7ppg.

The FIBA Men’s U19 World Championships finished the Preliminary Round on Saturday in Prague, Czech Republic, setting up the 12 clubs that will move on to the Eight-Final Round.

In the Preliminary Rounds, the 16 teams were divided into four groups of four teams and played each other once. With those results the 12 that are advancing were put into two new groups and over the next three days will play the three new teams that have joined them in their new group. The games from the Preliminary Round will be combined with the games from the Eighth Final Round. After the next three games are completed, they’ll take the top four clubs from each of the two groups and send them into the quarter-finals.

Canada’s Tyler Ennis McIntyre is leading the scorers with a 23.7ppg average, followed by Croatia’s Dario Saric with 23ppg. Trey Lyles of Canada is averaging 20 points per game, Sangjae Kang of Korea dropped in 18.7ppg, and Mislav Brzoja of Croatia contributed 18ppg.

Saric of Croatia is leading the field in rebounds per game with 13.7rpg, Sajjad Mashayekhi of Iran has averaged 10.3 rebounds per contest, Dalen Traore of Cote d’Ivoire also contribute 10.3rpg, Juan Sebastian Saiz of Spain hauled in 10 rebounds per game, and both Lyles of Canada and Qi Zhou of China added 9.3 rebounds per contest.

Croatia’s Dario Saric has put up impressive numbers in the FIBA Men’s U19 World’s in the first three games.

The top playmaker is Croatia’s Saric, who has averaged 7 assists per game, Serdar Annaev of Russia and Gibeom Cheon of Korea have added 5.7apg, Radovan Kouril of the Czech Republic and Gaston Whelan of Argentina are contributing 5.3 assists per game.

Host club Czech Republic was eliminated when they finished 1-2 in Group B, finishing seven points short of Iran in a three-way tie that also included Argentina.

FIBA Men’s U19 – World Championships

Group A Summary
Spain finished Group A’s prelim contests 3-0 with a 55 point differential. Following the Spanish club is Croatia at 2-1, then Canada completed the trio that will move on with a 1-2 mark in the group. Korea finished 0-3 and will not advance to the next round.

Spain defeated Croatia 86:76, Canada 81:70, and Korea 104:70 on their way to winning the group.

Final Group A Standings[standings league_id=28 group=A show_website=false template=nolink]

Group A Matches[matches league_id=28 group=A template=summary dateformat=”M. j, Y”]

Group B Summary
Lithuania dominated Group B at 3-0, while the rest of the group beat up on each other and finished with equal 1-2 records. Due to the tie-breaker, Argentina and Iran will move on while the host club will now have to watch games in their street clothes.

Lithuania beat Argentina 76:66, Iran 81:70, and the Czech Republic 77-74.

Final Group B Standings[standings league_id=28 group=B show_website=false template=nolink]

Group B Matches[matches league_id=28 group=B template=summary dateformat=”M. j, Y”]

Group C Summary
Serbia leads Group C out of the preliminary with a perfect 3-0 record and a 67-point differential. In their contests they outscored Australia 78:57, Brazil 65:50, and Senegal 80:49.

Australia will new move on with a 2-1 record and Brazil will advance with a 1-2 preliminary round

Final Group C Standings[standings league_id=28 group=C show_website=]

Group C Matches[matches league_id=28 group=c template=summary dateformat=”M. j, Y”]

Group D Summary
The US contingent finished their preliminary games with the largest point differential in the tournament at 183 points. They defeated China 113:57, Russia 115:47, and Cote d’Ivoire 88:29.

China and Russia will move on with 2-1 and 1-2 records respectively, while Cote d’Ivoire was eliminated at 0-3.

Final Group D Standings[standings league_id=28 group=d show_website=]

Group D Matches[matches league_id=28 group=d template=summary dateformat=”M. j, Y”]

Eight-Final Rounds

Group E Scheduled Matches[matches league_id=29 group=E time=next template=summary dateformat=”M. j, Y”]

Group F Scheduled Matches[matches league_id=29 group=F time=next template=summary dateformat=”M. j, Y”]

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