FIBA Americas: Argentina wins second contest

FIBA Americas

Argentina went two for two in Mexico during day 2 of the 2015 edition of the FIBA Americas tournament, beating Canada 87-94. The victory pushed Argentina to the top of Group B, and while that may be brief the nation will be among those with an undefeated 2-0 record heading into day 3 on Wednesday. In the other contest early on Tuesday, Panama downed Uruguay 78-71 to also grab its first victory and the Panamanians are looking like dark horse at this nascent stage of the competition.

Canada vs. Argentina, 87-94
Argentina struggled at the early stages as Canada worked the perimeter, with the contingent from the Great While North snatching a 20-17 lead through the opening quarter. Canada maintained its consistency through the buckets with 22 points in the second period, but the Argentine’s found their touch at the net and drained 29 points to snatch a 42-46 lead through halftime. Both teams continued to show plenty of attacking intent in the third act, Argentina snatching the period 24-25 to extend its lead to 66-71 at the last split. Canada broke 20 points for the fourth consecutive stanza, but Argentine was good enough to match their opponents and go one better to claim a hard fought win.

Luis Scola is the early star of the FIBA Americas this year. In game one he doubled up with 22 points and 14 rebounds, while here against the Canadians he exploded for 35 points and 13 boards. Nicolas Laprovittola followed with 20 points, Andres Nocioni with 15 points, and Facundo Campazzo with 10 points.

Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett led Canada with 13 points apiece, the team opening its FIBA Americas tournament with defeat.

Panama vs. Uruguay, 78-71
Uruguay started in bright form and found the basket regularly through the opening frame to take a 15-19 advantage after ten minutes. Panama improved for 19 points in the second quarter, but the Uruguyans kept the momentum with 20 points that gave them a 34-39 lead at the long break. Panaman finally made their attacking plays work and in the third quarter a 21-12 was enough to give the Central Americans a 55-51 lead heading into the last frame. Panama carried the momentum into the fourth period and managed to close the game with points to spare.

Michael Hicks topped Panama with 21 points and 6 rebounds, followed by Gyno Pomare with 17 points, Ernesto Oglivie with 10 points, and Jose Lloreda with 13 rebounds.

Bruno Fitipaldo led the losing effort with 18 points, while Mauricio Aguiar, Mathias Calfani, Martin Osimani, and Nicolas Borsellino all grabbed 13 points each.

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