FC Bayern Munich cuts ties with Dirk Bauermann

Dirk Bauermann

In a surprise move, just days before the German BBL is set to open their season, FC Bayern Munich has decided to part ways with their head coach, Dirk Bauermann.

The team released a statement on their website today announcing the move:

“Dirk Bauermann has had a significant role in the development of the basketball program with FC Bayern Munich. After much discussion in the last weeks, there had been different views of how the further development should go. On account of this, we decided to take this difficult step” – FC Bayern Vice-President Bernd Rauch. (link to original statement in German – FC Bayern website)

Various reports are speculating that the move could be due to a lack of discipline on the squad, notably a player having an altercation with the police during a night out after a recent game. There are also reports that Bauermann has been resistant to advice from team management.

The decision is effective immediately, Bauermann has been replaced by Bayern Assistant Coach Yannis Christopoulos.

According to Bauermann’s Wikipedia page,

Coaching Successes:
German Championship:
1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 with Leverkusen
2005, 2007 with Bamberg
German Cup:
1990,1991,1993,1995 with Leverkusen
Coach of the Year:
1990,1991 with Leverkusen
2003, 2004 with Bamberg
German National Team:
1994 FIBA World Championship twelfth place
2005 FIBA European Championship runner-up
2006 FIBA World Championship eighth place
2007 FIBA European Championship fifth place

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